Hi there!

It’s me, Lex, the guy behind the photographs on this website. I’m a landscape, city scape and event photographer based in Hoogeveen. I grew up in the North East of the Netherlands in a small town close to the German border, where I still photograph multiple events each year.

I love traveling and hiking as well as being on the couch with a good movie or series.

Experimenting with photography is what I like to do most in the broadest sense. Playing with perspective, low light and reflections. For me its all in the game to deliver the perfect photo.

How it started

Years ago I started with my first DSLR camera, a Canon EOS 1000D, which I quickly upgraded to a Canon EOS 70D which I have used for years. Owning a DSLR I developed a broad interest in photography.

It all started with the usual suspects, like landscapes on various holidays, but soon the interest in different perspectives changed and I wanted more. That’s where I began to start with city scapes and events. The EOS 70D was my main camera for almost 10 years.

Current Gear

Since 2021, I decided to upgrade my DSLR to my first Full Frame camera, a Canon EOS R6.