Sassenpoort Zwolle

I’d like to go out sometime and visit places just to make some photos, however due to some personal reasons, last years I have done that less than I wanted to.

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On the 21st of October I went to the city of Zwolle. My original goal was to take some photos of the IJsselbrug, Zwolle’s oldest bridge over the river IJssel. With a mix of sun and clouds and rain coming in, this promised to be a nice scene for for some moody pictures.

Upon arrival at the bridge, I parked my car and tried walking towards a spot I saw on the internet. Disappointment struck as the area was closed for pedestrians. Walking a little bit further, I found that there wasn’t a really nice perspective to go with, so I decided to cancel this idea and walk towards the Katerveer Locks. Some old locks, that are only rarely used anymore.

Although I loved the scenery there was a maintenance vessel laying in the locks blocking most of the view, but I managed to shoot this nice black and white photo anyway. You can still see the crane of the vessel sticking out in the background.

One of the bridges of the Katerveer Locks. Shot with Canon EOS R6 @ 1/20, F8, ISO400

I decided to go to the city centre and have a walk around to look for nice spots. After a while I encountered the Sassenpoort. It is a gate towards the city built in 14th and 15th century. As it was around 6pm most of the shops were closed and many people decided to head into the city for some food and a good time. For me it was the moment to put my tripod and make a few shots. After a while a delivery van and a moped came across, leading to some great leading lines into the photo.

After coming home I did some post processing and decided to go for a moody look and ended up with this as the end result:

Moody photo of the Sassenpoort in Zwolle. Shot with Canon EOS R6 @ 4 seconds, F22, ISO400