Münster (Free phone wallpaper!)

Last week I spend a few days in Münster. A city I visit often. I love the atmosphere, the old buildings, the shops.. its a very vibrant city and of course its getting ready for the famous Christmas market coming up in December!

The only difference between my visit last week and my regular visit is that I brought my camera. Unfortunately it was pouring down most of the evening so I was only able to take a few pictures, but next time I will definitely bring my camera again to make a few more shots at night of this beautiful German city.

I walked from the Schlossplatz where I watched the fireworks (no pictures) to the city centre and made the first photo of the Lambertikirche. Processed image below and available as a download for free.

Lambertikirche in Münster. Shot with Canon EOS R6 @ 30 sec, F20, ISO100

Want this photo as a wallpaper? Download your copy of this free wallpaper by clicking here (no strings attached and no watermark)!

Next to the Lambertikirche is the Lamberti-Brunnen. A fountain which is often used to make a reflective shot of the Prinzipalmarkt, shops in historical buildings. Unfortunately, this fountain was turned off and empty, but as it rained so much, there was a puddle offering a similar reflection allowing for the shot below.

View of Prinzipalmarkt. Shot with EOS R6 @ 25s, F13, ISO100

The city of Münster has so much to offer in terms of photography and I will definitely come back to do some shots again and make more night shots of the city!